Privacy policy

You can rest assured that your personal information is secured at Tamda Foods!

Personal information of customers at Tamda Foods is committed to absolute confidentiality by Tamda Foods' information protection policy.

The collection and use of each customer's information is only possible with the consent of that customer unless the law state otherwise.

Customers will be solely responsible for the security and storage of your registered name, password, customer card, and email. Customers are responsible for promptly informing Tamda Foods about unauthorized use, abuse, security breaches of the third party for appropriate resolution.

Members do not allow to use Tamda Foods' services for illegal activities such as frauds, threats, illegal information collection, vandalism, creating and spreading viruses that damage the service system of Tamda Foods in any way. In case of violation, the member shall be responsible for their acts before the law.

Members may not alter, modify, assign, distribute, provide and create similar tools of services provided by Tamda Foods to a third party without the consent of Tamda Foods in this Terms & Service.

Our Sincere thanks to customers who have been and will accompany the company.

Sincerely, TAMDA FOODS Ltd