Do you want to become our supplier?

Tamda Foods is interested in diversifying its supplier base and in finding new suppliers that can provide quality goods at competitive prices. We are always looking for new and reputable suppliers throughout the Czech Republic, Europe, and Asia. If you can supply products that we procure, you are invited to send your offer to our email below: |

If your offer matches our needs, we will contact you for further information. We look forward to the opportunity to work together with you!


Do you need more information regarding delivery to Tamda Foods?

TAMDA FOODS partners are recommended to deliver directly to TAMDA DISTRIBUTION CENTER.

In case it is not possible and your shipment needs to deliver directly to our stores in Prague, Brno or Ústí nad Labem, please contact our sales department for official confirmation.

If you need assistance regarding delivery please contact:

+420 773 613 658 |


Do you want to advertise in Tamda Foods stores?

With our stores cover 3 major cities and delivery service across the Czech Republic. We can help you to reach your targeted customers more accurately and effectively.

Currently, we are providing:

  • Promote products and brands through physical media in our stores and areas nearby.
  • Advertising on our website and social networks
  • Promotion sponsorship for Tamda Foods advertisement campaign

For more information please contact:


EDI - Electronic Data Interchange

At Tamda Foods we recommended suppliers to use EDI which is a standard system that is widely used in the Czech Republic.

If you need further support or information please contact: