Complaints and Inquiries

When using service or buying goods at Tamda Foods

Protect customers rights and interests is the goal that Tamda Foods always aiming for. We strive day by day to bring our customers a transparent and safe environment to shop. 

Disclosure of the process for dealing with disputes arising in the process of buying - selling at our stores or using shop and delivery service on website When conflict arises between customers and Tamda Foods employees or any harm to customers' legitimate interests occurring when using our products and services, Tamda Foods is committed to actively supporting customers to protect their legitimate rights and interests.

All disputes arising between Tamda Foods and customers will be resolved based on negotiation. In case the agreement is not reached as expected, either party has the right to bring the case to the Courts of general jurisdiction in Prague.


The complaint is handling as follows:

1. Notice of issues: Customers call or email us (Customer Support information could be found in Contact) to inform the problems that are needed to be solved. 

If it's complaints about purchased goods, please provide us with the following information:

- Date of purchase/delivery:

- Invoice number:

- The number of checkout counters:

- Invoice date:

- Name of item complaint (with the order number of the item on Invoice).


- Summary of the issue:

2. Additional notes:

- Time to receive complaints: We only receive complaints about goods within 1 week from the date of Purchase/Delivery, and will answer you within 14 working days

- Only exchange, return for goods with quality problems, or errors caused by Tamda Foods company (for example Delivery wrong items or more than ordered number).

- Do not accept products returned due to customers' mistake, slow sales, taste bad, unsuitable price, short expiration date, malfunction after leaving the checkout counter.


Sincere thanks to customers who have been and will accompany us,

Sincerely, TAMDA FOODS Ltd