History and development of the company

          Originating from the desire to elevate the position of Vietnamese overseas, the desire to bring the value of Vietnamese and Asian products to the vast European market, Tamda Foods was established, invested in, and built upon these ideologies. Today, Tamda Group is continuously developing, adhering with our original founding ideals.

          Through years of careful preparation from financial conditions, human resources, connecting business partners with the enthusiasm of those who laid the foundation; Tamda Foods officially opened its first wholesale and retail supermarket on March 29, 2011, at Sapa Trade Center-Prague, Czech Republic. From then, Tamda Foods was known as a reliable destination, a Vietnamese business that is well-invested and with great potential.

         Foreseeing the essential needs of the Czech business market, Tamda Foods readily satisfy high demands for goods for the Vietnamese supermarkets, food shops throughout the territory of the Czech Republic. Tamda Foods has built a solid reputation with partners as well as local businesses operating in the food industry.

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Tamda Foods history

Accommodating with customers needs is the motivation of Tamda Foods employees with the belief

"Your success is our aim!"

May 24, 2021 - Morava distribution center

Tamda Morava Distribution Center started to operate on May 24, 2021, to satisfy the growing demand of customers here. The Morava Distribution Center has greatly contributed to improving the overall service quality of Tamda Foods and Tamda Express in the region.

 - 05/24/2021

11.08.2020 TAMDA GROUP

After 10 years of establishment and development, from one branch of wholesale supermarket, Tamda Foods had become a large enterprise in Czech Republic.

Besides providing food products, household appliances, chemical cosmetics in the Czech market; Tamda Foods had penetrated a number of other sectors such as real estate, transportation ...

With that growth, on 11.08.2020, Tamda Foods had officially evolve into Tamda Group. The event was a monumental milestone, it was the biggest turning point since the company inception and was also the result of 10 years of construction, establishment and development of Tamda Foods.

Becoming a Group, Tamda has a greater responsibility for business development and is the driving force to elevate Tamda Group's brand.

Development into a corporation is an important step proving Tamda's strong maturity and firm confidence in the European market of Tamda.

 - 08/11/2020

June 22, 2019: The first Tamda Shopping Center opened in Ústí nad Labem

After Tamda Foods' success in its branches, the company was determined to make a bigger, bolder investment. Tamda had affirmed its brand value in the European market when opening a shopping mall with an area of more than 80,000 m2, including 25,000 m2 of warehouse and store named Tamda, in the city of Ústí nad Labem. , on June 22, 2019. This was a major turning point after Tamda Foods' journey of 7 years of hardship and tireless activities. Tamda Shopping Center had received positive receptions from leaders of Czech Republic, as well as the locals. Tamda Shopping Center had also affirmed its quality reputation of quality services and further improve customers' trust in Tamda Foods.

 - 06/22/2019

September 10, 2018: Tamda distribution center went into operation

By guaranteeing quality goods and competitive prices, Tamda Foods has gained a number of long-term and regular customers. Along with the growth of customers and partners, the development of a diversified source of suppliers is also growing day by day. The storage and preservation of quality for goods have been focused on investment by Tamda Foods since the first days of its establishment. After a long period of preparation, in September 2018, Tamda Distribution Center officially started operation at Hostivice - Praha Zapad. With a total area of 25,000 m2, together with the standard European warehouse system, the Distribution Center has greatly contributed to improving the overall service quality of Tamda Foods.

 - 09/10/2018

2015 – 2016

09.03.2015: Expanding the area of Tamda Foods Prague

Due to the increasingly diversified needs of customers, Tamda Foods has to supply a variety of goods in supermarkets. Tamda Foods has decided to invest in expanding the area at the Prague branch - Raising the total area to more than 10 000 m2 to meet more than 30,000 different items. At the same time, Tamda Foods has expanded its cooperation with well-known and prestigious partners in the Czech Republic and internationally. This prompted Tamda Foods to innovate and upgrade all equipment to the best standards in order to best serve customers.


09.10.2015: Expanding refrigerated foods section

Refrigerated goods is always a vital product line in the European market. Not missing any chance to improve, in October 2015, Tamda Foods started to put into operation the Cold Good Zone. With its established reputation and growth, Tamda Foods continues to attract business partners for refrigerated goods and acknowledged positive results from its customers.


19.01.2016: Expanding the Vegetable – Root Vegetable - Fruit Area

As a business specializing in food products, Tamda Foods always learns and supplies a wide variety of popular related goods. Items such as vegetables, tubers, fruits, ... are always one of the prioritized and strictly inspected items in Tamda Foods' supermarket. In January 2016, Tamda Foods expanded its operating area and dedicated a separated section for these products. All types of vegetables, tubers, fruits, ... at Tamda Foods must pass the criterias for quality, origin and price, always with the best benefits for consumers.


 - 09/03/2015

July 9, 2015: Opening of the Tamda Foods Brno branch

With the goal of continuous development, Tamda Foods always aims to expand its operating range. On July 9, 2015, Tamda Foods opened Tamda Foods supermarket branch at Vinamo-Brno shopping center. The branch expansion also gave local population better access to Asian food products available at Tamda Foods. This event was also a step worthy of attention of local businesses. Furthermore, Tamda Foods had shifted to operate under the model of a corporation.

 - 07/09/2015

December 16, 2013: The delivery service TamdaExpress

The demand for supplying goods to customers was increasing day by day. The scale of the client's business is spread across all provinces in the Czech Republic. That has caused Tamda Foods to transform at the same time. In order to make it easier for customers to supply and receive goods in all regions, Tamda Foods quickly developed and built a network of door-to-door delivery systems with TamdaExpres. On December 16, 2013, TamdaExpress was officially launched. This service had greatly contributed to helping customers access to a complete source of goods, competitive prices and the most convenient when the goods are guaranteed to be delivered to the customer.

 - 12/16/2013

March 29, 2011: Opening Tamda Foods first store

During the three years from 2008 to 2011, Tamda Foods focused on building facilities, connecting partners, exploring supply sources and building human resources for the start of Tamda Foods. This is an important time to build a solid foundation for the future strides of Tamda Foods.

The opening of our first general food supermarket called Tamda Foods Cash & Carry on March 29, 2011, at the Sapa - Praha Shopping Center is an important event, marking the first step for the Tamda Foods brand.

With 10 thousand items in the field of wholesale food products, Tamda Foods was gradually known, selected and trusted more by customers every day.

 - 03/29/2011

     After 10 years of continuous building and development, Tamda Group has achieved significant milestones. The success of Tamda Group today cannot be appreciated without the direction of the directors. Our success is also thanks to the positive contributions of our investors, as well as the efforts and contributions of all managers and employees of Tamda Group; reliable cooperation of partners; the enthusiastic support of Vietnamese, Czech and European businesses ... Tamda Group would like to give a heartfelt thank you and look forward to continuing to live up to the trust, cooperation and companionship of all members, partners, customers in the continuous improving process of Tamda Group in the upcoming future.

Your success is our aim!

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