History and development of the company

TAMDA FOODS was established in 2008 and officially opened its first store in March 2011 at Sapa-Praha Shopping Center. TAMDA FOODS had been created to meet the demand of the grocery market in the Czech Republic which is dominated by Vietnamese with many small businesses that could be found throughout the Czech Republic, as well as many other native businesses operating in foods market.

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Tamda Foods history

Accommodating with customers needs is the motivation of Tamda Foods employees with the belief

"Your success is our aim!"

June 22, 2019: The first Tamda Shopping Center opened in Ústí nad Labem

In June 2019, Tamda Shopping Center went into operation with support from the Vietnamese community and local authorities. This event marked the first step in a new direction for Tamda Foods. This project surely will change the image of the Vietnamese community in the Czech Republic in the eyes of locals as well as reputable suppliers throughout Europe.

 - 06/22/2019

October 9, 2015: Expanded frozen foods areas

Frozen goods are always a strategic product line of the grocery business in the Vietnamese community. In October 2015, responded to customers’ needs, Tamda Foods started to sell frozen foods from many reputable brands.

 - 10/09/2015

September 3, 2015: Expanded Tamda Foods Prague Business Premises

Tamda Foods invested in the expansion of the store in Prague, increased its business premise to nearly 5000 square meters. Equipment in the store is upgraded to European standards to serving customers better.

 - 09/03/2015

July 9, 2015: Opening of the Tamda Foods Brno branch

On the morning of July 9, in the Vinamo-Brno shopping center, Tamda Foods Corporation held a grand opening ceremony of the Brno store after several months of construction. This is the first branch of Tamda Foods after 4 years of operation.

 - 07/09/2015

March 29, 2011: Opening Tamda Foods first store

In March 2011, at Sapa Prague Shopping Center, Tamda Foods opened its first supermarket called "Potraviny-Nápoje-Drogerie". This is a notable event of Vietnamese business in the Sapa Shopping Center as well as in the Czech Republic.

 - 03/29/2011


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