09.03.2015: Expanding the area of Tamda Foods Prague

Due to the increasingly diversified needs of customers, Tamda Foods has to supply a variety of goods in supermarkets. Tamda Foods has decided to invest in expanding the area at the Prague branch - Raising the total area to more than 10 000 m2 to meet more than 30,000 different items. At the same time, Tamda Foods has expanded its cooperation with well-known and prestigious partners in the Czech Republic and internationally. This prompted Tamda Foods to innovate and upgrade all equipment to the best standards in order to best serve customers.


09.10.2015: Expanding refrigerated foods section

Refrigerated goods is always a vital product line in the European market. Not missing any chance to improve, in October 2015, Tamda Foods started to put into operation the Cold Good Zone. With its established reputation and growth, Tamda Foods continues to attract business partners for refrigerated goods and acknowledged positive results from its customers.


19.01.2016: Expanding the Vegetable – Root Vegetable - Fruit Area

As a business specializing in food products, Tamda Foods always learns and supplies a wide variety of popular related goods. Items such as vegetables, tubers, fruits, ... are always one of the prioritized and strictly inspected items in Tamda Foods' supermarket. In January 2016, Tamda Foods expanded its operating area and dedicated a separated section for these products. All types of vegetables, tubers, fruits, ... at Tamda Foods must pass the criterias for quality, origin and price, always with the best benefits for consumers.